Neste to Modify Rotterdam Refinery to Produce Up to 500,00 tons/year of SAF

Oleochem Analytics — Neste, Finland-based renewable transportation fuels and products producer, will modify its existing renewables production capacity at its biorefinery in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, to enable the production of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) from waste and residue raw materials.

The modifications to the refinery, an investment of approximately €190m, will enable Neste to optionally produce up to 500,000 tons/year of SAF as part of the existing capacity. Currently, the refinery produces 800,000 tons/year of mainly renewable diesel, according to the company.

Neste expects the project to be completed in the second half of 2023. Together with the company’s ongoing Singapore refinery expansion, Neste will have the capacity to produce 1.5 million tons/year of SAF by the end of 2023, which represents a 15-fold increase on its current 100,000 tons/year SAF production capacity, according to the company.

“We are pleased that we will be ready to meet the growing demand of SAF, also driven by the European Union’s climate ambitions which will shortly be translated into a proposal for binding legislation across Europe, not least because of the Netherlands’ leading role in this matter,” said Thorsten Lange, Executive Vice President Renewable Aviation at Neste. “This extension of our SAF production capacity will support the aviation industry’s efforts to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and the climate impact in the coming years.”

Additionally, as communicated before, Neste aims at creating readiness for a final investment decision by the Board of Directors for a new world-scale renewable products refinery project in Rotterdam towards the end of 2021 or early 2022.

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